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Dr. Prescott works with patients of all ages. She wants patients to be at peace in her chair, and uses her amazing chair-side manner to make them feel comfortable. Dr. Prescott is also certified in sedation, should her patients need a little more than her compassion when in her chair. 


*Surgical Operating Microscope:

All clinical care is delivered with a surgical operating microscope, in order to accurately diagnose & treat even the most complex cases. 

*Piezoelectronic Ultrasonic Technology:

With the use of the piezoelectronic ultrasonic, Dr. Prescott is able to remove less tooth structure, thereby preserving more of your natural tooth, and decreasing the possibility that a crown will be needed. 

*Digital Radiography:

We utilize a digital radiography system in place of conventional x-rays, which minimizes the radiation exposure to our patients. Digital radiographs also lallow for improved diagnostic capabilities, & avoid the hazardous environmental byproducts of conventional x-ray developing. 

*The Digital Office Software (Paperless Office Technology):

Using a paperless software system offers an added convenience for both our patients & our referring doctors. Online registration (through this website) saves our patients time by eliminating lengthy paperwork at the time of their treatment. Physical & electronic security measures are taken to assure the privacy of your personal data. Please contact our office more information. 

*Cone Beam Computed Technology:

Also known as a "CT Machine", our Kodak 9000 scanner takes a very small rendering of the teeth & jaw (which reduces the radiation exposure of normal 3-D scanners) and produces a complete picture, accurate to the one hundreth of a millimeter! This allows for a better analyzation of the roots, bone & unique anatomy of each tooth, from all angles, giving Dr. Prescott all the information she needs to produce the best treatment plan possible for each patient she sees. 

*Surgically Clean Air Units

Three large units are strategically placed around our office to circulate and clean the air through 6 different cleaning levels: including HEPA, Ultraviolet Light and Charcoal Filters. These units completely circulate the air in our office every 15-20 minutes. This helps remove any strong odors, allowing a peaceful environment for even the most sensitive patient. 

*Lightwalker Er:YAG & Nd:YAG Laser:

The newest addition to our office, this Fotona laser does so much more than just allowing Dr. Prescott to clean the canals better. Dr. Prescott can do PhotoBioModulation, which helps heal areas that may not be healing with traditional treatments. The Genovo handpiece helps with TMJ issues and deep aches & pains. Not only can Dr. Prescott help with PBM, but because the Lightwalker laser has two lasers that do very different things, she can also do soft tissue management and hard tissue ablation.

404 N. Milam St
Fredericksburg, TX 78624