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Dr. Rebecca S. Prescott is a specialist in conventional & microsurgical endodontics, devoted to providing superior treatment for every patient in a calm & relaxed environment. 


Our "make no compromises" philosophy is to provide patients with the finest endodontic treatment available, with careful attention to detail, and to treat each patient with the utmost respect and care. 


We want patients to know that Dr. Prescott stands behind her work. PRESCOTT Endodontics will never charge full price if Dr. Prescott is not able to complete treatment for a patient. And, lifetime follow-ups and checks are included at no cost to ALL of our patients. Dr. Prescott is proud to do her very best on every patient!


Having an emergent dental problem can be frightening; especially when your beloved dentist says "I need to refer you to a specialist." Dr. Prescott and her team are the most efficient, kind and patient folks! I've always been nervous about going to the dentist but Dr. Prescott was compassionate and professional. I am very grateful for Prescott Endodontics!


Thanks to Dr. Prescott and her great team I had a professional experience. I felt completely taken off. I was kept informed of what to expect as the procedure went forward. The 2nd visit I did not have any numbing medication. And was happy that she suggested it for me. It was so much better to finish without a numb mouth!! This was my first time without pain medication.


When I needed a root canal, my family dentist referred Dr. Prescott and it was an excellent referral . Dr. Prescott is professional and extremely caring.She uses high-end state of the art equipment to get to the "root" of the problem. She spent a great deal of time explaining and showing me in detail the situation.The whole procedure ,totally painless, went extremely well, but Dr. Prescott told me not to hesitate to call if any problem arose in the future.I left her office feeling confident in Dr. Prescott, her exceptional work and the care I received. I highly Recommend Dr. Prescott and her capable staff. If you go to her, I guarantee you won"t be sorry.

Mary Lea Corbett

When I was about 7 dr. prescott did a root rejuvenation surgery on me at the place she used to work in chicago since the roots in both on my front teeth on the top row died. because of dr. prescott, i have my two front teeth and i couldn’t thank her enough for it.


My dentist referred me to Dr. Prescott for a difficult root canal procedure. I had never had a root canal, but I have heard people say, "I'd rather have a root canal," meaning something was just terrible. I was anxious about the procedure, but when I got to the office the atmosphere was kind and supportive. During the procedure I could feel what was happening, but experienced no pain. I took an initial dose of ibuprofen, but no other painkillers and was never in any pain. The next morning Dr. Prescott personally called to check on me, and gave me her direct number in case I had any trouble. She and her staff are wonderful people, and I highly recommend them.

Ping-Chou Chen

I have been seeing Dr. Prescott for years! I have never met with another doctor that is as thorough. Her ability to make you at ease is unmatched, I would highly recommend her to anyone I knew needing dental work.


408 N. Milam St
Fredericksburg, TX 78624