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Dr. Prescott is amazing. I was in a lot of pain and needed a root canal quickly, so my local dentist referred me to her. She worked me into her schedule late on the next day--a Friday afternoon. I cannot imagine too many endodontists would do that.She and her staff were compassionate and professional. Dr. Prescott explained everything clearly to me and called the next morning to check on me. She inspired in me absolute trust and confidence.

Virginia O. He

I was referred to Dr. Prescott by my dentist. Her office staff is exceptionally attentive, professional, and friendly. Dr. Prescott is wonderful! She is kind, friendly, and professional, always explains what she is going to do, and takes great care to minimalize pain and/or discomfort. She called me at home after each visit to make sure I was doing ok. I don't want to have to need her again, but if I do, I will know that will have the best care. I highly recommend her to anyone.

Laurie Remschel

Dr. Prescott and her staff are highly professional. From the first consultation I received a detailed explanation of the procedure and the associated costs. My 3 visits were on time per the appointment. Post procedure instructions were clear and concise. Everything possible was done to make a difficult procedure as easy and comfortable as possible for me. I would recommend Prescott Endodontics to anyone needing their services.

Mark Anderson

A dentist who specializes in edondontics focuses on performing root canals. In the past four years, Dr. Prescott has performed three root canals for me. Dr. Prescott is a no-nonsense, capable person. Her very pleasant office in a classic Fredericksburg home on Milam Street is equipped with state-of-the-art imaging equipment she will use to explain intelligibly and in detail beforehand so you know exactly what the situation is, why and how you should have the procedure, and what the outcome will be. She will coordinate with your regular dentist. She is happy to discuss payment, and will present options. Dr. Prescott is devoted to painless and stress-free dentistry at a reasonable cost. I can't say enough positive things about Dr. Prescott and her practice; if you are looking for an exceptionally capable, caring, and gentle dentist for a root canal, you should give her a call for an evaluation.

Neel Lyles

I was referred to Dr. Prescott by my dentist for what turned out to be a fractured root on a tooth that previously had a root canal. The procedure that I had is called a 'root amputation.' Sounds scary but the whole process was great. Absolutely no pain during or afterward. The dr. called to check up on me and gave me her personal cell number. She and her staff are very friendly and professional. Nobody likes going to the dentist but considering what I had to have done, it was a very good, pain-free, and pleasant experience. I have no reservations in recommending Dr. Prescott.


All the people who work in the clinic are very attentive, the Doctor is very professional, kind, friendly and also speaks Spanish. I had no pain at any time during my treatment and I felt perfectly fine. The doctor called me personally to ask me how I was feeling. Thank you very much Dr. Prescott

Maria P

My daughter was referred to Dr. Prescott, after several others nearby refused to see my daughter due to her age. Dr. Prescott’s office was so helpful and professional. I was very pleased with the entire staff. Super friendly. The 2 hour drive was well worth it. I highly recommend Dr. Prescott!

Kylie V.

Having an emergent dental problem can be frightening; especially when your beloved dentist says "I need to refer you to a specialist." Dr. Prescott and her team are the most efficient, kind and patient folks! I've always been nervous about going to the dentist but Dr. Prescott was compassionate and professional. I am very grateful for Prescott Endodontics!


Thanks to Dr. Prescott and her great team I had a professional experience. I felt completely taken off. I was kept informed of what to expect as the procedure went forward. The 2nd visit I did not have any numbing medication. And was happy that she suggested it for me. It was so much better to finish without a numb mouth!! This was my first time without pain medication.


When I needed a root canal, my family dentist referred Dr. Prescott and it was an excellent referral . Dr. Prescott is professional and extremely caring.She uses high-end state of the art equipment to get to the "root" of the problem. She spent a great deal of time explaining and showing me in detail the situation.The whole procedure ,totally painless, went extremely well, but Dr. Prescott told me not to hesitate to call if any problem arose in the future.I left her office feeling confident in Dr. Prescott, her exceptional work and the care I received. I highly Recommend Dr. Prescott and her capable staff. If you go to her, I guarantee you won"t be sorry.

Mary Lea Corbett

When I was about 7 dr. prescott did a root rejuvenation surgery on me at the place she used to work in chicago since the roots in both on my front teeth on the top row died. because of dr. prescott, i have my two front teeth and i couldn’t thank her enough for it.


My dentist referred me to Dr. Prescott for a difficult root canal procedure. I had never had a root canal, but I have heard people say, "I'd rather have a root canal," meaning something was just terrible. I was anxious about the procedure, but when I got to the office the atmosphere was kind and supportive. During the procedure I could feel what was happening, but experienced no pain. I took an initial dose of ibuprofen, but no other painkillers and was never in any pain. The next morning Dr. Prescott personally called to check on me, and gave me her direct number in case I had any trouble. She and her staff are wonderful people, and I highly recommend them.

Ping-Chou Chen

I have been seeing Dr. Prescott for years! I have never met with another doctor that is as thorough. Her ability to make you at ease is unmatched, I would highly recommend her to anyone I knew needing dental work.


Keep up the good work! Dr. Prescott and her staff are very caring and professional. I felt very comfortable. I have had several root canals before with many bad memories. Dr. Prescott's work is like being touched by an angel.


If you have children who need endodontic care, you have found the right place. Dr. Prescott and her staff are friendly and comforting with younger patients. My 10 year old son had a very positive experience and although he is often fearful in medical settings, he was very at ease with them.


I've referred literally thousands of my own patients for root canals over the years. So when the time came to have a root canal myself, I was vey choosy - and I chose Dr. Prescott's office. Best decision I've ever made. Quality professional and kind care is what I received. And the staff performed flawlessly. If I have patients to refer in the future for root canals, they're going to Dr. Prescotts office.

Joseph Toljanic, DDS

Dr. Prescott has exceptional chairside manners. She explains things thoroughly and makes sure you understand the procedure. Her touch is light and she takes pride in her work. Her staff are very professional and I like that they follow-up after each visit just to make sure all is right. 


I truly want to Thank You for all the help you have given me. If I had to refer anyone to a dentist to have work done on their mouth, I would refer to your office as my first choice. Your staff are very kind and also explain the procedures very clear to the understanding of the client. 


I don't usually write testimonials, but I was impressed with the level of care I received from Dr Prescott and her staff. The facilities were first rate. I think Dr Prescott makes a concerted effort to work with the latest technology. The assistant , and I forget her name, was so kind to me. She really helped me to relax. And Dr Prescott was just great. My case was a little unusual as the pain was not easy to locate. Dr P took her time to make sure she had diagnosed the real problem. This was not a split decision on her part and I really appreciate that. Too many times, Dr's and Dentist are so absolutely sure of everything they see that they miss the correct diagnosis. Then the root canal itself was really easy and I have had my share of them. She took her time and did not rush thru the process. Just the type of care I'm looking for. And finally, she followed up with me several times over the phone. She called me directly. Well, I'm writing too much here, but thank you Dr P. for your dedication, your expertise and your belief in doing it right. 


Over the last ten years, I have had more endodontic work than I care to admit (or want think about) in this country and overseas. Dr. Prescott and her team are leaps and bounds above all the other endodontists. Her office is state-of-the-art, but also welcoming. Her team is professional, and Dr. Prescott is thorough, incredibly informative, and has a kind demeanor that puts the patient at ease. I can't say I hope to have more endodontic work done in the future, but if I must (and I surely will) then I will return to Dr. Prescott without reservation, and I know that she and her team will do their best to make the experience a good one. Thank you!


I couldn't believe how calm I was on my visits. From jumping off the nerves before sitting, to hummig during my procedures, and almost falling asleep at the end! I recommend Dr. Prescott and her staff to any Scaredy Cat. Great Job!

Not so Scaredy Cat / Daniel

I have been into see Dr. Prescott a few times, and every time she was very efficient and caring. She took the time to make sure I had little or no pain when doing the root canal.


I was very impressed with Dr.Prescott and her Staff. I have never felt so relaxed and at ease (unlike other dental offices). She explains every step as she works, and that helps a great deal with the nerves! The office is very clean and well kept. I have gone in twice to work on a root-canal, and she did an amazing job. Thanks so much Dr.Prescott & Staff!!


I am happy to share my satisfaction with Dr. Prescott and her office. I felt very comfortable from my very first visit and have actually enjoyed coming back. They are state of the art and very professional without losing the personal touch. I would definitely recommend Innovative Endodontics to friends and family.


Very impressed. Dr. Prescott explained everything I could have wanted to know. Great staff. The best. I've never felt as relaxed in a dental office as here. I felt this office was very modern compared to other offices I've been in. 


Very satisfied with my experience! Definitely worth the drive [Patient from Plymouth, IN]. As your practice grows, never lose the personal touch. This is your gift!


This was the second time that I have received treatment. Everyone is very friendly & Dr. Prescott is GREAT! I have even referred family and friends. 


The entire experience was pleasant. I would definitely recommend Dr. Prescott & staff to anyone needing a root canal. 


As you all know by now, I wasn't exactly thrilled to come in for a root canal. I have always been petrified of dental work, especially a root canal. I can now honestly say that it wasn't that bad and that in fact, today I fell asleep and Ania had to wake me up!
The aspects of my visits that I really appreciate were:
1. I love your bedside manner! You are so detailed in explaining to me what's about to happen and what took place after the fact. You checked up on me throughout the procedure and addressed the situation if I had pain or discomfort.
2. Everyone on staff is so kind, so understanding, and so good natured. Here you have a patient like me that's nervous, anxious, and would really rather not be facing a root canal and yet you are all so understanding.
3. The relationship between your office and my general dentist's office is so seamless. This afternoon, Olga not only called the front desk to schedule my appointment to get my crown, but she called back, again, when I was wondering how long my appointment would take. That is awesome.
Finally, I just want to say that overall this was such a pleasant experience (despite the long needles and the unnerving sounds of the dental instruments). Trust me-never in my life did I think I would ever refer to a root canal as a "pleasant experience!"
Thank you everyone!



Dr. Prescott did a terrific job of explaining everything. When I had a question a day after the procedure she responded promptly. Overall, felt like she really knew what she was doing and was very diligent in her work.


Very satisfied & pleased with the care my son was given. The doctor explained above & beyond every step of the procedure. Office staff are very pleasant. 

Father of Patient

Great overall  experience. Will recommend to others. 


I was very impressed with the follow-up and loved the calls!


Thank you!


Dr. Prescott and her staff provided excellent care: Highly competant but also genuinely caring. I 'm very fortunate that my Arizona dentist referred me to Dr. Prescott. I can't imagine getting better care, or having a better treatment outcome, anywhere. THANK YOU!


The office and staff are top notch. The state-of-the-art equipment and thorough explanation of treatment procedures really put my mind at ease.


Dr. Prescott did all she could to treat us as whole human beings. We left feeling, "Here is someone who is utterly caring, and devoted to people." We are so lucky to have found Dr. Prescott and her staff.


Dr. Prescott's personality helped to calm my anxiety. She always made sure I was okay nervousness and pain-wise. Dr. Prescott answered and clearly explained all my questions, and made me feel like I was her only priority. My only complaint is that Dr. Prescott doesn't do general dentistry!


Every step of the procedure was thoroughly explained. Great use of technology.


I would definitely recommend your services to anyone that needed a root canal. THANK YOU!!!!!


Dr. Prescott was really amazing and caring. I felt I was in good/competant hands.


Dr. Prescott and her staff did a great job. I will tell everyone I know about Innovative Endodontics for tooth care. "Go Cubs!"


I needed treatment right away and recieved it. Great equipment and great staff. I know I will use them again.


I was pleased & content that I was referred to Dr. Prescott. Although insurance did not cover anything, I was very satisfied with the doctor's treatment and care. It was nice knowing the doctor cared for my issues rather than just treating the problem and calling it a day.


Dr. Prescott was amazing...She was able to deal with me and my fears by simply explaining what should be done. She was very helpful and extremely considerate and very gentle. I didn't feel a thing. THANK YOU!


She is a young doctor with a new solo practice. I don't have dental insurance, and I am in school. I felt she went out of her way to charge me reasonably. I was able to get an appointment really quickly, she was on time and her explanations were full and slow, she really took time to go through every thing. She has what seemed like an amazing amount of helpful technology about, which was reassuring. My root canal was very much pain free, she's very concerned with her patient's comfort. She's also concerned with the success of the procedure in the future, she does free recalls as a routine part of treatment. She also has online check-in, which seems to save quite a bit of time for everyone. Her assistant is also very nice.


Dr. Prescott was great! She was referred by my dentist who said, "This is who I would go to." She was thorough and very communicative. I drove 65 miles to be seen by her and for peace of mind and great work, it was well worth it. She is near the Kennedy Expressway which is also pretty convenient. She has a nice office, a great staff, beautiful new equipment and a warm personality. It was especially nice to hear her speak of her volunteer work as a dentist in a less developed country. Don't be deterred by the "expense". There is nothing cheap about root canals and if you can find one, you'll only get what you pay for! By the way my root canal was completely painless. Truly, I can't say enough good things about her and her staff and her practice. I have not one negative thing to report! For an enjoyable experience pick Dr. Prescott!


I went to Dr. Prescott for a root canal on my back molar and could not be happier with the experience. She was very patient and helpful in explaining the procedure as this was my first root canal. I was expecting a traumatic experience because I had heard so many horror stories about root canals, but the procedure itself was painless. I didn't feel a thing and now my tooth is 100% better. The office is very nice and the staff is very friendly. I was a little bit surprised at the cost, but like I said this was my first root canal so I wasn't sure what to expect. My insurance covered 80%, so my cost ended up being under $250, which was very reasonable. Without insurance, though, it would have been almost $1,200. I had to pay the entire amount up front, and the office reimbursed me for the difference once they received payment from my insurance. It would have been nice if I didn't have to pay up front, but maybe that's just how these things work. That said, I received a check for difference within two weeks, so they were very prompt in settling my account. I would definitely recommend Dr. Prescott to my family and friends and would not hesitate to go to her again if I need endodontic treatment in the future.


I am writing to express my sincere thanks for the fine service recently provided by your office.  Your professionalism is commendable and your attention to detail is, in my experience, truly unparalleled.  Your office provides high quality patient care and I am confident that you will completely resolve my dental concern.  I greatly appreciate your efforts and commitment to providing fantastic customer service.  The follow-up call after each appointment makes me feel valued as a patient, and the conscientiousness of all your staff members always leaves me feeling positive about my visits and confident about your endodontic services.

I am impressed with your facilities as well as the competence and caring of your staff, and I am pleased to recommend your office to my associates without reservation.  Thank you very much.


Although going to the dentist is never a pleasant experience, Dr. Prescott and her staff put me at ease and were very caring every step of the way. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!


I was extremely satisfied with the work that I received from Dr. Prescott. She was very up front about everything she was going to do and how much it would cost. I was very satisfied with the service I recieved. I will definitely go back to her if I need any other root canal treatments.


Dr. Prescott is very kind, caring and professional. She explains everything in the treatment plan and everything in every step of the treatment as she is proceeding. She kindly answers any questions and concerns. She followed up herself with phone calls to me after treatment. Her staff were very kind also. Her injections of local anesthetic were relatively pain free. She has done root canal treatments and apical surgery for me. I did not have pain during any of the procedures. I had no problems after the root canal treatments and relatively little pain after the surgery.


Dr. Prescott is very thorough, takes the time out to care, and is very professional and friendly at the same time. I have had an excellent experience with her.


I was very satsified with the office staff and Dr. Prescott. She is very friendly and made me feel very comfortable.


Dr. Prescott takes time and consderation when evaluating a patient. She cares very much about trying to find out what is causing the patient pain and trying to find treatment/relief for the patient. Her office is very clean and well maintained. Her equipment is up to date and she uses the latest technology in endodontics. I would recommend her to anyone who needs to see an endodontist.


Dr. Prescott is an amazing endodontist. I would recommend her to anyone I know for root canals. Fantastic patient customer service and her facilities are phenomenal.


My 8 year old daughter had a root canal performed by Dr. Prescott. Dr. Prescott was an absolute professional. She performed excellent service and my daughter has had no subsequent issues with that tooth to this day. Not only is Dr. Prescott effective, she demonstrated a genuinely caring attitude for my daughter.

Mom of Patient

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